Check out “Disconnected”

“Savannah went missing on Thursday, or at least that’s when Ida noticed she was gone.”

Check out “Disconnected,” a science fiction short story akin with the technology driven thrillers in the television series, Black Mirror and novel, Altered Carbon. This sci-fi thriller features Ida, a young woman who prides herself on being a well-informed user of the telenet, a worldwide network that connects most humans through an accessory implanted in their skin. When a strange new coworker takes the place of Ida’s former desk mate, Ida is immediately infatuated with his lifestyle. Not only is he not on the telenet, but he owns and uses a completely obsolete piece of technology: a cell phone. As Ida questions the technology she surrounds herself with and the way it is used, she debates dropping everything she knows, including her status on the telenet, to be disconnected.

Link to “Disconnected” –>

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